Transform Google Sheet's into embeddable widgets for your website.

Create image gallery from Google Sheet

Create image gallery from Google Sheet

Updatefy gallery widget type allows you to transform any Google Sheet into a simple and beautiful image gallery.

These are some of the key features of our new Updatefy gallery widget:

  • 💎 Responsive grid gallery
  • ↗️ Built-in modal with a fullscreen image
  • 🔥 Emoji support for title & description
  • 🏷 Multiple tags support comma separated
  • 🚀 And much more!

Start using Updatefy now for free and create your own widgets!

Google Sheet Structure

In order to create a gallery widget your Google Sheet must have a specific format, please check the documentation below or use this spreadsheet an example.

Property Description
image Any format is supported, the image will be used as thumbnail and on fullscreen mode.
title Use short text as the title of the image.
description Long text to use a description of the image, this will be used on the modal.
date Short text to be used as the date of the image.
tags Short text to categorize the content. Multiple tags are supported separated by, (comma).


Live Demo

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